Who Audits CRM Sold Customers?

Derrick Woolfson

Each month I would go back and audit the CRM sold log. Where I would have a "CRM" sold lead, but it was not marked "DMS" sold for a variety of reasons i.e. Husband purchased under his name, but the lead was under his wife's name. That said when you merge leads who do you give credit too? I always gave credit to the lead that was "working." For example, had we called the wife to set up the appointment and she came in - but it was marked under her husband's name showroom sold for the DMS - I would merge, and mark the correct source. 

If you do not manage this, your closing rates can really get skewed. As a BDC Manager, it is imperative to have the closing rates correct as my pay was based on that. How do you manage this process? 

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

It's a great question Derrick that many dealers are asking. How can they make decisions on data that's unreliable? Wether its closing % or strategy. 

The CRM is the ultimate attribution tool for a car dealership today but the data has to be merged properly from all sources (DMS, website and 3rd parties) then revised by someone to make sure you vet the info like you just did. 

I'm curious to see how each of you is making sure data makes sense gor other dealers too. 

Mark Rask

This is important to do 

Derrick Woolfson

It would be interesting to see a report on how many dealers do not even review/check into this? Beyond the CRM/DMS sold issue - lead attribution in the CRM was a huge issue when it came to OEM leads, which has nothing to do with the CRM, but rather the OEM not auditing/reviewing DMS Sold Data. For example, if an OEM lead came into the CRM with John Doe, but the lead was sold under "Johnathan Doe" with another email or phone number than it would not show as "sold" in the OEM reporting, which leads to a whole other topic - is the OEM closing ratio as bad as it looks? 

Mark Rask

I bet its a huge amount 

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

Me and my team meet and talk with 30-40 dealers a month and I can tell you 95% don't do it properly and/or consistently. 

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