Who Get's the Credit?

Derrick Woolfson

For those with BDC's - how do you determine who gets credit for the appointment? For example, if the customer were to call in and book an appointment with a BDC Agent to then not show-up. But the BDC Agent continues to follow-up, and the customer calls back on their day off, and books an appointment with another BDC Agent. Who gets the credit? I have seen dealers pay both or pay one. What are your thoughts? 

Pierre Legault

This is really an internal rule you need to set. On my part, if the original agent did his job and a good follow up, they deserve the pin. Eventually things will even out. It does get tricky when the follow up from the original agent is not so good...

In the scenario you created, the first BDC Agent continues to follow up with the customer after they missed their appointment. They're still working the lead. If the customer happens to call in while the first BDC Agent is off or on another call, and all the second BDC Agent did was schedule the appointment with little to no work involved, the credit should go back to the first BDC Agent. Being a team means helping each other out from time to time.

Chris K Leslie

These are the kind of scenarios that show we completely overthink BDC. We used to pay by who created the appt though. 

I disagree, Chris. For the most part, dealers do pay by whoever created the appointment; but things aren't always black and white. You want to emphasize teamwork in a BDC, and just paying by who set the appointment without looking at the content will result in a department that lacks cooperation and mutual goals.

Derrick Woolfson

@Sunny, I agree - there were a lot of issues when the GM & GSM decided to just "pay" the last person who contacted them. It caused a lot of distress and lack of teamwork. The other issue to is when you have BDC Agents just working their own leads. The customer does not receive as much follow-up. All the more reason to have a team environment. 

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