Who has the best CRM? (In your opinion)

Dennis Wagner
I have a couple of personal favorites, but a friend of mine who owns a Chrysler dealership is curious as to everyone's opinion. Could you also include why you think it is the best? Thanks for the help!
Bill MacDonald
We have been using DealerSocket for over 1 year now. I think it is the best thing since sliced bread, They are always improving and updating their systems to keep up with the changes in technology and have an excellent mobile solution too, that is easy to use and makes things a lot easier, including a VIN Scanner to input your trade. The only issue that presents itself is getting everyone using it. Our DMS does not fully integrate with DealerSocket but we mostly use it for Internet Lead Management. I would recommend it or at least do a full demo.
Keith Wilkerson
We currently used ELead1One CRM. I'm having to adapt from the ADP CRM that we once had, but it does have some nice features. It has the VIN scanner like DealerSocket, it makes preparing delivery paperwork a breeze, it has a nice desking/quote function, a nice appraisal function, and an adequate follow up system. The follow up system on it is the one thing I think I'm still trying to get used to using. I will say that from what I understand our CRM is probably the most cost-effective of the ones I've used, if that means anything at all.
Dennis Wagner
I am very familiar with both of those. I appreciate the quick response Bill and Keith. I am going to show him this tomorrow after I get a few more replies. Thanks!
Mark Winters
Dennis, The best CRM is the one that gets used by everyone in the dealership. Most all CRM systems do the same thing, They allow you to create "To Do" items, plan out follow up, Look for marketing opportunities, keep track of your customers and prospects, and pull reports. The problem with CRM isn't the platform, It is usually the dealership and it's users. I know this sounds clique to say that, however it is true. Whatever CRM you choose make sure your dealership adopts the attitude and culture of CRM. If it didn't happen in CRM it didn't happen. Hold everyone accountable to the CRM system. Learn the system inside and out. Only use the reports from your CRM for data. Doing this will make you happy with any CRM system, and you will see success, because CRM Does help you sell cars.
Shannon Hammons
We have ADP let me say run in the opposite direction. They are so far behind it is almost like using the old green screen.

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