Who Ownes the Customer - Internet or Floor

Brad Maslowski
This was a big problem at a dealership I was at before. We fixed this by coming up with a pay plan that paid the internet salesperson for customers that showed up and didn’t ask for them, with a kicker when they buy. We also reviewed the sold customers at the end of the month in case we missed one. This was a good fix for that store.
Chris K Leslie
Mike, Sounds like it might be time to roll out a new policy.
Matt Lowery
We use to have this same issue until we went to a full fledged BDC a few years ago. Might want to look at that. It takes your two departments from arguing and working against each other to helping and work together. My BDC has one purpose to bring people into the dealership. My sales people then sell them. It is two very different things, and require different skill sets to do well. The skills needed to manage your online presence and bring people in are rarely found in the people who are good at actually selling cars. Our payplan is set up to reward the BDC or internet department for bringing them in, and the sales department for actually selling them. In our dealership we don't move people from the floor to the internet department, or vice versa. People are hired with the mindset of either they will work in the BDC (more organizational, friendly outgoing phone skills) or Sales. Just an idea, might be time to think about it.
Paul Rushing
The right answer is it is the dealers customer and everybody did their job in helping the dealership complete a sale. The question is how should people be compensated and what is the dealers opinion. I remember when I first got in the car business there was no such thing as Internet departments, BDC departments and absolutely no split deals. Whoever got the signature on the buyers order got credit for the deal. My how all that has changed. The question as far as who should be compensated should be asked of the dealer you work for not the many opinions you are going to get here. That is the only answer that matters. Do your job and sell him on creating a payplan that is fair to all.
Jeffrey Byrge
A BDC (which we have) is the best way to solve this. We pay spiffs for percentages on show ups, not individual show ups. If you don't do that, you'll have BDR's who spend their entire day looking for show ups instead of improving their ability to set real appointments. The real money is in the appointment that shows. So far so good.... The other side of the coin is, how good are your sales people and processes if a customer just shows up after weeks of follow up and doesn't ask for you? If it's an occasional problem, thats one thing, but if its chronic, that could mean that processes, templates, and training should be looked at more closely.
Mike Fox
I agree to Paul Rushing :) :)

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