Who takes the phone ups?

Aimee Rogers

Who takes the phone ups at your dealership?  Salesmen? BDC? Managers?  

Derrick Woolfson

This was a process that changed often. The argument was that if the "sales managers" or "sales consultants" do not get the "phone-ups" they are "losing" opportunities. In which case, it was reiterated that the purpose of the BDC was to handle in-bound calls, internet leads, and chats to get "appointments." When it came to the sales managers or sales consultants handling the in-bound calls they often failed to capture the customers information and/or put the information in the CRM. Whereas, in the BDC it was second-nature to get as much contact information as possible, and more importantly to get the appointment! In fact, phone-ups were (and are) one of the strongest set, show, and sold rate lead sources!! In that, the customer is calling you!!!! Now on a funny note, you have the dealers who will spend more time focusing/harping on the one call you did not handle well vs. the 99% you knocked out of the park :) 

Morgan Hardy

The BDC should handle inbound phone calls. However, with the BDC currently being outsourced, sales managers are to be handling all inbound calls and assigning them to salespeople.

Casimiro (Casey) Garza

Here it is first come first serve, and with no formal phone training....it is hit and miss, mostly miss. Saw a survey one time that "phone ups" are the most likely to be buyers.  We used to joke, to tell the ups, to leave and call back in, so as to insure ourselves of a likely sale.  Personally, salespeople (I've done it) do too much prequalification over the phone....get the information that they want and then get them in, is the goal....they are buyers. It should be the BDC if you have one, or a designated individual(s)  paid for shows

Morgan Hardy

@Casimiro- you are absolutely correct!

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