Why car dealers can't be honest.

Martins Ville

Today my mailbox I received an invitation to partake in a webinar about how a Lexus dealer that is changing the way that they conduct business all in the benefit of the customer. Haha.

I went to the website looked at all their offers and was stunned to see that the same mumbo jumbo car dealer bull crap is going on.

let me tell all you smart people out there that when you advertise the payment and you advertise an amount down do it signing... The consumer doesn't believe there's anything else due. When you tell them dealer fees taxes and official fees are on top of that, You weren't honest enough in the minds of most car buyers.

Let's stop assuming car buyers know that all those extra fees are on top of....That's for all you grimy old car school people.

Case in point this Lexus dealer has an ad for $349 for 36 months $3,999 due on signing.

That's not true. 

I'm taking an estimated guess here, but say taxes are about $3,000, let's say the official fees that the dealer talks about in the fine print is the lease acquisition fee that's $995, And then there's dealer charges which could easily be about $999. 

Something's not adding up here.

*** This is to all you car dealer people out there , please stop playing games with the consumer, to just show a low payment. Because if you haven't figured it out yet ... they know the truth already when you finally show the numbers when they're at the dealership. The payments going to be more... so stop playing freaking games in your payment ads And finally show the customer that you're honest and transparent about what the numbers are really going to be.

if you're afraid that that payment is going to be too high for somebody to come in and take a bite on the offer, then don't worry about those people cuz you're just going to piss them off. 

Let's get straight One thing right now. You better start adding that extra $5,000 in taxes and fees and charges on top Ave the $3999.

If this Lexus dealer was above board like all the other dealers that play the same game and yeah it's called the game...

You'd advertise $349 with $8,999 due at signing. 

Or better yet, advertise $499 with a $3,999 due on signing.

No wonder you guys are struggling.

Ricky Patrick

You do realize that dealers don't always know the tax amount until the customer comes in, right? It depends on their location, trade, and possibly several other factors. Also, the lender may have a fee. I understand the sentiment but this is like Zillow attempting to provide accurate closing figures on a home. There are just too many variables so most dealers try to get as close as possible. There are still some bad apples out there but the majority of dealers have a reputation on the line and aren't trying to mislead people.

Bart Wilson

I think this is a presentation and communication issue.  Regardless of the facts, the perception was that the dealer lied.  How can we communicate better and provide more accurate information?

Morgan Hardy

We've always tried to be straight forward. We still have to show OEM specials which are just like that but then we have our own section that clearly states taxes, tags, and acquisition fee included. With fine print of course that the fees may very slightly due to state.

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