Why is still hard to send Videos?

Derrick Woolfson

While there are so many apps & vendors to send videos out there - it still seems to be a "lengthy" process! (a 20-minute ordeal) And while the vendors offer how *easy* to use their apps are (which some are easy, yes) - it is still very hard to integrate many of the apps into the CRMs! 

We are trying to do walkarounds just using YouTube, and embedding it into the emails, which seems to be working well for us! Takes out all the extra middleman work. I know a lot of vendors "tout" that they have AMAZING intro & outro videos, BUT so do WE. Honestly, SO much easier to use windows media maker (eww) or Apple's iMovie (yes!), and add the walkaround video - BOOM. DONE. 

It relieves the pain of trying to load the video from the app to the CRM or in some cases - send the customer a video from the app, which is not shown in the CRM! Making it difficult to work with! Or worst of all - your dealer's wi-fi loads at 10MPS, and you do not have cell reception. 

How are you doing videos? Is YouTube the best way to go? 

Steve Roessler

If you are open to solutions on what's out there, please reach out to me as I speak on this topic.   steve@drivecentric.com 

Jeff Bollinger

We're currently using AOV Pro, has anyone else had any resounding success using this app?

Sean Kelley

When it comes to video, nothing beats DriveCentric. There are about 11 reasons why.

Tori Zinger

We always used CoVideo and it was great!

Ben Adler

My buddy started up QuickPage (https://quickpageapp.com/). It's similar to BombBomb. Another one to check out.

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