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Lisa Casaccio

I am revamping my internet templates and my workflow(i.e. Day one FU=phone call and email, Day 2 = FU call and email etc...)

I was wondering do any of you have templates that work well that you would like to share as well as a workflow outline that works well.  In relooking at ours it is ok but not fantastic and I want to take it to the next level.

David Zotti

This can depend on how much contact information you get. If you get both phone and email, both an email and phone call should be done within 1-2 hours. I recommend sending an email first then a phone call. Whichever you do first is up to you, but both should be done either way if you have the contact info.

In my opinion, the templates should focus on getting the customer to come to the dealership. When a customer is physically at the store, your sales reps and sales managers can do what they do best and the customer gets the chance to experience the car in-person leaving more of a want for the vehicle increasing the likelyhood of purchase.

 Internet sales really should not be discussing price over the internet (unless it's an out of state customer) otherwise that increases the risk of the customer loosing interest. When price comes up, that subject should be shifted into having the customer come in to get the most accurate pricing for their trade etc. Guaranteeing accuracy in pricing when a customer is at the store is a good strategy to use to bring the customer in.


Ricky Patrick

My best advice is to mystery shop some of your local competitors and base your followup on what they're doing. If they stop following up on Day 10, then you turn it up on Day 11. If they use some impersonal template that gives no information on Day 1, then you send a video introduction. I've found that most dealerships use almost identical email/voicemail templates so it helps to set yourself apart.

Ron Henson

In my opinion, lead response is all about gaining engagement and trust.  For example, your preferred method of contact and communication should be whatever the customer prefers.  If they want to communicate via text, so be it.  With all due respect to David, deflecting the price question because you don't want them to lose interest is a pretty good method of insuring that they DO lose interest in your dealership.  Customers today have been conditioned to shop online via verticals outside of automotive, and they certainly will reject dealerships that are anything less than transparent enought o answer their questions.

I love Ricky's mystery shopping ideas which allow you to capitalize on the weaknesses of your competitors!

Brooke Jensen

Hi Lisa,

This has some pretty solid pointers from Steve Stauning that might help with your follow-up calls:

Also, when it comes to frequency, marketing gurus at InsideSales believe that 8-12 contact attempts over a 10-14 day period is the sweet spot for maximizing the value of the lead. More stats here:

Best of luck!

mark rask

the mystery shopping idea is a good one 

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