Would you Centralize my BDC in 2013?

Eric Miltsch
Hey man - good to you see here. Whether you centralize or keep it within each store, the key to success IMO will be the lead handling process that is put in place. The efforts needs to be placed on selling the experience and the appointment - not the cars. The leads coming in need to get the best treatment as possible: Answer their questions, provide the details they're looking for, answer their questions, get the phone number, add value (pics, linkes, videos) and most importantly, get your lead time down to 10 minutes. Again - the structure needs to exist to manage these processes, regardless of whether you centralize or not. What do other have to say?
Glenn Pasch
I agree with Eric. Answer the question, sell who you are. There is no "right" answer. it comes down to staffing and what you feel works for you. PCG has been focused on helping dealers with this issue and we have created a step by step book outlining how to document what you do. As one dealer said to me, it is not rocket science butI have to stay on my people. That is it in a nutshell. If I can be of service, let me know. Be more than willing to give you some help. Call or email me. no strings. Eric will vouch, I am here to help, not sell. I will also send you our book once it is released.
Andrew Green
With 7 stores, trying to convince each to work as a single unit may be difficult. I do feel that a centralized unit is always the best for the customer, since the BDC department is working as a whole on behalf of the "Vision" corporate name and mission. However, individual stores may feel that they are being slighted when a customer chooses one make over another. It is a tough call for many businesses but with BDC we have to remember that our focus needs to be on what's best for the customer and how quickly and efficiently we can provide them the information they require. If we can impress them there, we can impress their friends and family and have customers for life. Just my two cents and I wish you well.
Greg Wells
Nicholas, one consideration might be a Centralized BDC to back up the stores on inbound and do all of your outbound follow up processes. This will allow store managers to feel in control of fresh leads, let them work the lead for a couple of days and then turn it over to a centralized team for the midterm and longterm follow up. I've seen this work very well in many groups.
Nicholas Cone
Thank you all for the great Feedback! Eric, improving the customer experience through our processes is improving daily. Response time fluctuates when we have a staffing issue. I feel that a central department will fix this. Never a day missed when cetralized. Greg, I like giving the store the first opportunity and involving the central BDC but how quickly and what they say has me a little on edge. But I will look into this idea. Glenn, thank you for the offer. I may take you up on that the further I get into this business model. Andrew, you know as well as I that each store can be very protective of their leads.
Jim Bell
I know of a few auto groups that have a centralized BDC and it works out great for them. I think if and when you do, you have to have a solid process on who is taking care of the customer. That will be the key to your success.

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