Youtube Capture + DealerSocket + BDC = Awesome

Chris K Leslie
I can't tell you how proud I am of our BDC at Henderson Chevy in Las Vegas. I worked with them in learning how to use Youtube Capture and linked it directly on an iPad mini. This way when they search the username is Dealer Socket it instantly pulls all of the videos from that ipad. Anyways, Long story short I've been watching them get more and more comfortable over the past few weeks and they are doing great. The analytics have shown that they are getting viewed which is even better. Since the views are typically targeted to one person and shown in an "other" type embed platform. We aren't using them to gain SEO traction or subscribers. However they could prove to be very helpful down the road. If you want to check out the channel here it is.
Megan Barto
Awesome! Great job! Do you share with your team the analytics?
Chris K Leslie
I do, I like them to know that stuff so they keep doing them. =0)
James Klaus
I have about half of my staff using the You Tube Capture app. My only issue is that my sales people who have android phones cannot download this app as it is only available in the app store and not available in the Google Play store. Do you know of a similar app for android? My sales pros with out apple devices have to grab an ipad from my office at the moment, which is not a hige deal but adds one more step. The connection ratio on leads with a personalized video is nutts!!!
mark rask
Great idea!
Megan Barto
By the way - I haven't heard of "You Tube Capture" before - but I'm downloading it now! Thanks for the tip. :-)

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