Zoom video ups

Martins Ville

How many dealerships are using zoom free video conferencing to add to your initial message to incoming leads, to offer a free zoom video conferencing consultation?

If you are not using zoom in your tool kit, you were missing out on one of the number one engagement tools in 2020.

The fact just after colvin head I was one of the first guys in the world to recommend real estate agents start using zoom virtual comforting for virtual home tours.

You can conduct a live zoom virtual appointment with a customer including showing them the car taking them around the dealership and starting to structure the deal.

I'd also suggest you have an open zoom meeting room so anybody can get in at any time for the entire dealership, have it prominently placed on your dealership website.

for how many years have we talked about video and everyone's wondering how to make video work....

I just told you how.


Morgan Hardy

I've used other methods of video chat but not zoom

John Finucane

There are a ton of companies offering video services now. Flick Fusion has some cool offerings. I like the suggestion of having an always open Room.

Bart Wilson

How are you using it? I can see huge value if you can engage with a shopper. In addition, it seems like a great opportunity for F&I.


Morgan Hardy

I've been using Google video for pretty much everything. Facebook video occasionally- which also works very well. Just not appropriate depending on the situation.  

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