1000 free leads (i am not selling anything and have do not work for the comp)

Kevin Janz
I work for a group of 3 stores and stumbled on this company and found out they give out 1000 free leads to try, no commitment at all! all i was asked for was my name and email ( aside from questions to determine our target market.) we just started reaching out to them so i cannot speak for the quality of the leads but hey they are free! here is the contact i was speaking to. Once again i promise i have nothing to gain from this aside from knowing i might have helped someone put some extra cash in their pocket at the end of the month. Happy selling everyone! Here is the contact info. A.J. Oskuie | Director, Sales 6883 Commercial Drive. Springfield, VA 22159 O: 703-658-8321 C: 703-981-4911 Web: www.relevateauto.com Blog: http://www.relevategroup.com/blog
Grant Gooley
Hmmm. I am very curious to know if this has any upside for you Kevin. The pieces don't fit. Please let us know how it goes!
Lauren Moses
Kevin, Thanks for the info, but I'm with Grant on this one. Companies don't just give away leads for nothing. Would definitely be curious to see how some of the leads pan out for you. Keep us updated. Even if one or two turn into sales.
Megan Barto
Did you have to give them access to your DMS?
mark rask
I agree with grant and lauren
Grant Gooley
HAHAHA Megan that is funny!!!

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