2012 Digital Conferences

Amy Van Gerven
Hi Everyone, I am new to Driving Sales and was wondering if anyone knew of any great Digital Conferences taking place in 2012
Russell Grant
Amy, I would consider these. Digital Dealer(April session or October session) DrivingSales Executive Summit(October) I am not sure what city you are in but there are also some regional events during the year. email me at rgrant@jandlmarketing.com if I can be of further assistance.
Larry Schlagheck
Welcome to the community, Amy! I may sound like I'm rooting for the home team, but DrivingSales' Executive Summit is the best in the industry. On the phone yesterday, three separate vendor companies unequivocally said just this. Check out this site - www.drivingsalesexecutivesummit.com - and decide for yourself. Larry
Lindsey Auguste
Amy, that's a great question. There are so many events out there and it's hard to choose which ones are right for you. On a national level, you have a handful of options. There's Digital Dealer in April and October. It's geared toward a much larger event and a broader, surface-level range of topics and depth. There is also the DrivingSales Executive Summit in October. The 2012 dates are the 21-23 at the Bellagio. DSES is a dealer-driven event, with no pay-to-play speakers, covering in-depth topics that push the boundaries of innovation within the automotive industry. There are also lots of regional events as well, including Internet Battle Plans, PIt Stops, and a host of other options. Hope that helps!
Bryan Armstrong
That's a loaded question. I go to DD to shop for Vendors, Battle plan and PCG PitStops for 1:1 in depth training, and DSES to stay ahead of the curve and know what is B.S. at the others. :)
Amy Van Gerven
Thanks so much everyone for all the suggestions. We missed the boat on the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference in Vegas this Feb. However the other one's I will look into as they are later in the year! My colleague attended the Pit Stop conference in Toronto in October - thought it was incredible!

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