2013 SFE - Digital Air strike or Cobalt repuitation management system

Greg Mills
So what is everyone's feeling on GM's 2013 SFE reputation management guidelines? Which company do you choose? Cobalt reputation management or Digital Air Strike reputation management Thanks
Daniel Boismier
Greg, I'm glad you posted this and I hope it gets more responses. My BIG concern on this is how Yelp is managed. We are repeatedly told that you cannot ask customers to leave reviews on Yelp. I have spoken directly to Yelp (albeit on the lower end of the totem pole) and asked them to review the GM SFE program. Their feedback to me was that I was in COMPLETE violation of Yelp standard and guidelines and the reviews will most likely be filtered. Does GM have some agreement with Yelp to overcome this? If so then we need to know. Anybody else have input on this?
Mike Hastings
You can ask customers to leave reviews on Yelp, but unless they are "Yelpers" (one that regularly does Yelp reviews) their reviews get filtered out. You can see reviews by non-Yelpers in the "Filtered" section, but few shoppers would go there to look. If in time however, the person that did the review for you becomes a Yelper the review they did for you might very well show up for you. So the key is to ask the customer, “are you a Yelper?” If no, “are you on Google+?” (now required in addition to having a Gmail account). Those are the two big ones and both have to be legitimate owners/users of the accounts for reviews to stick.

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