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Larry Schlagheck
Tara - Thanks for the post. If you haven't already, check out the Vendor ratings section of DrivingSales. Chat is a very active category and will give you some insight into the players in this space. Also, here's a link to a blog post from a couple months ago discussing your question regarding in-house or not. Check out what others had to say about this. http://www.drivingsales.com/blogs/DSNews/2013/07/10/whats-right-store-managed-chat-vs-inhouse-chat
tara schwartz
Thank you Larry. Extremely helpful, and I'm thinking managed chat is the way to go! Tara
Steve Bridges
I am sure Engage to Sell is the way to go!
Jon Scott
We just had a trial with DealerEProcess' managed chat. It went very well with 8 sales directly resulting from it. The trial has ended and we were looking at what other options there were that might be a better match financially and are currently trying www.salemove.com which is a new Video/audio/chat service. Very impressed so far but it is self managed so takes a lot of time and I am sure we miss a lot of after hours. Self managed is a better interaction tool and preferable if you have time/personnel to man it. Remote managed is a great lead generator.
Marie Tucker
Engage To Sell is managed 24/7 chat! Best results, hands down!
Steve Duff
I have to chime in on Engage to Sell. We used a different provider last year with so-so results and I was skeptical when our new GM insisted on switching to Engage to Sell based on his previous experience with them. Especially since the price was so good. VERY impressive results with them and we ain't looking back!

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