25 of the Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples Every Marketer Should See

Robert Karbaum
Have you ever seen a really bad Power Point presentation? Of course you have, we all have. I've had some so bad that I near fell asleep during it. However I can be picky with presentations, maybe a bit too picky. If you are someone who regularly makes presentations for sales meetings, clients, vendors, or even to show off your family vacation; I strongly recommend you check out this great resource released today: 25 of the Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples Every Marketer Should See http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/inspiring-slideshare-presentations-for-marketers-list There are some fantastic examples in this list, including presentations from Seth Godin and Google. A lot to learn!
Chris K Leslie
Nice post. This is one of my favorites here. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hHTDQbySF5921iW9aUE3xbZlaX0poWri_HwLQjU2Oy0/present?slide=id.i0
Mark Rask
Those are good
Shawn Ryder
Thanks Robert - some inspiring designs in there no question.
Randi DeSantis
I love the "This is Google" one
Ian Coburn

Presentations in general tend to be tricky and often we are asked to them without being given any resources into how to build them. Here's a complimentary training module on how to create an effective presentation - 5 to 7 min to complete. Hope you find it useful!

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