3 questions for an article

Ian Wittig

Hi folks! I'm researching the state of car buying online for an article I'm writing. I’m looking to interview a few auto experts, and would love some thoughts on these questions:

1. Who will be selling more cars online in 10 years?
a. Dealers
b. Manufacturers
c. Tech companies

2. What is the biggest obstacle to car buying online?

3. What technology or website is your first stop when looking at cars for sale?

If you wouldn’t mind sending back your thoughts on those questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, let me know how you would like to be credited for your answer (what backlink you want, etc.). Vinadvisor will be publishing the article. I'll give whomever wants the link when it's up.

Thank you for your time!

Maddy Low

1. I have no idea! I would say dealers still.

2. My biggest obstacle in car buying online is really knowing what the price is and being unsure what I'll actually pay, prices online never seem to tell the real story.

3. My first stop when looking for a car is dealership sites that I have gone to before to see what they currently have in stock! But I may be a little strange, since I bought my first car after I had joined the auto industry! 

Ian Wittig

Thank you Maddy! :)

Mark Rask

I think it will still be dealers.....the question is which dealers?

Ricky Patrick
  1. Dealers. Specifically dealers who have embraced transparency and are currently developing a positive online reputation.
  2. The biggest obstacle will always be the lack of a physical experience with the vehicle. Not many people will buy a vehicle without seeing/driving it.
  3. Autotrader. I know everyone tries to sell us on people googling "Used Porsche 911 in Washington DC" but I just never do that. I go to Autotrader and then drill down to specific dealer websites based on what I find.


Ian Wittig

Thank you all :)

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