360 Interactive Virtual Tours On Inventory

David Zotti

Speaking with my photo provider recently, I came accross a new interactive 360 virutal tour of each individual vehicle on your site's VDP. Like doing a virtual tour home, customers are able to interactively spin around and explore the vehicle as they like. 

I think it's a very innovative solution. However my concern is, does this surpass live videos where customers can see and hear everything in action on a vehicle? To my understanding virtual tours don't integrate with 3rd parties and I haven't heard much on mobile compatibility. At an additional $500/mo does anyone think it's worth investing in? One plus I see is a customer can see a part of the vehicle that the vehicle photographer forgot to shoot.

Taylor Nelson

Hello David,

As a vendor who currently represents both live video and 360, without being cheesy and personally plugging, I would say both offer great benefits within their respective shopper engagement funnel. I will say, over the last few years, there has been 360 tech companies whom have entered the auto space. As you pointed out, the problem with that is many of these tech companies lack a full understanding of inventory merchandising and the journey associated with that, therefore they only provide technology suited for one platform, ex. your dealer website and not 3rd parties. Regarding your question on if the products are worth investing in, I would say yes based on analytics and current customer feedback. That said you can certainly find great 360 companies for well under $500. My one piece of advice would be to do your homework before signing with a 360 company to ensure they have the capabilities you mentioned above, namely on mobile compatibility and, maybe more importantly, the ability to not degrade your 3rd party shopper experience. Unfortunately, what we have many times in the marketplace are video providers saying "video is better than 360". And, likewise, 360 providers saying "360 is bettern than video". Therefore it's hard to decipher which route to go. My 2 cents are they both offer superior value so try to find dual solution that will seamlessly work together to improve overall shopper exprience, engagement and lead generation.

mark rask

sounds a bit expensive......customers do like video though

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