3rd Party lead providers that dictate best price

Bill Soule
Is anyone else moving away from TrueCar and the rest of the lead providers that dictate the price of the vehicle with the lead? I'm hearing a lot of complaints about this with dealers canceling their service.
Shawn Ryder
Bill - in talking with dealers often hear about the quality of the lead as opposed to the number of leads generated. They are looking for ways to ensure leads are better qualified before receiving the information, also want them in a timely fashion and days later.....
Dennis Wagner
Bill- You are correct. There are a lot of dealers that are getting away from 3rd party leads in general. TRUECar, Edmunds, Cars.com and AutoTrader are the ones I am hearing the most about. We have proven you can spend less money driving traffic to your website and get the same results. Best of Luck!
Teresa Petrozzino
Bill - you are correct. There are alot of dealers getting away from Truecar. They give the consumers all incentives and makes it harder for the Dealer to make any money. I heard they are now quoting lease payments as well.
Chris K Leslie
The thing with new cars is that MSRP for the most part is public information. They can get that number and all the rebate info from the manufacturers. In the case of new cars the more transparent you are in alignment with the OEM the better off in the long run is my opinion. I could be totally wrong on the idea. But seems like the legit way to handle that. The 3rd party guys are making a business out of poking holes in the dealer decides model.
mark rask
left true car a year ago....no problems

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