4th of July Ideas For Social Media &/or Website

Shelby Loth
Does anyone have some great 4th of July social media &/or website promos that have worked in the past? I have somethings in mind, but I am curious on what has worked for you all?
Dustin Lyons
One idea could be to make short (1 min or so) videos of your staff talking about what the 4th of July means to them and why they love our country etc... I think those would get a great response on social media and bring a nice message to your community from your staff.
Shelby Loth
I love that idea- Thank Dustin! Keep the good ideas coming...
Dustin Lyons
Also try contacting a historical society or possible a private collector and see if they might be willing to loan you some things to put on display in your dealership. I worked with a company for a while that owned a very rare William Stone engraving of the Declaration of Independence, and while we were not in the auto industry, we used it to display at events and it generated a lot of interest. Get the word out through social media and press releases that you will have things like that on display and it could bring in a lot of people to your store. They may not all be buyers at the time, but it will help you get more traffic on your showroom and build your reputation in the community. And everyone is a buyer at some point in time.
Grant Gooley
Anything local really works well. In general people love contests. The trick is making it relevant to the auto industry! Good luck :)
Robert Karbaum
Do a free fireworks display for your community and invite everyone in town to attend. Give out popcorn for the kids, and maybe branded blankets to keep everyone cozy. Then blow things up!

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