$5 per car advertising on Craigslist?

James Jalali
This is a good sign, no spam, or less spam. We would spend around $500 on top performer vehicles.
Brian Miller
I completely agree with James, it reminded me of being an internet manager back in the 90's when national sites like AutoTrader.com turn into what they are today. http://www.drivingsales.com/blogs/ouside-the-box/2013/11/20/classified-listings-coming-age
Chad Sabatka
This is good. $5 per vehicle is a drop in the terms of total internet advertising per vehicle, but its going to really limit the spam and overposting by other dealers in the area. I just looked this morning and within the last 30 days one local dealership had posted every vehicle at least once daily. I'll gladly pay $5 per car.
Brian Miller
I'm with you Chad, really with DrivingSales.com had a "Like" button. -> Oh great and powerful admin, if you are watching, please make a note of this suggestion. <-
david smith
i think its the best thing craigslist has ever done I'm A very wealthy person that and i"m going to post 1000 ads per day do the math !!
paul nitz
I don't see how this helps the #1 problem on CL in my area. Dealers continually post on "Cars for sale by Owner". CL makes no attempt to police this, and Id say easily 75% of the ads on that category in my area are from dealers and curbstoners. Charging to list vehicles on the Dealer end will only drive MORE fake ads and dealer ads to the private section

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