7 marketing strategies to sell more inventory in 2014

Russ Chandler
Mobile and social
Michael Badders
Thank you for those who emailed me to discuss your 2014 marketing needs. Over the next few weeks, I will discuss each of the 7 marketing strategies in further detail. However, I would have to say that based on the responses received, I am not surprised that dealerships are investing more into video marketing for 2014. I agree that video is a great way to stand out and showcase your inventory to an online audience. When there is an affordable video software available which automatically generates and publishes YouTube videos for your inventory with embedded tracking, why not take advantage of the leads, traffic, and SEO it brings. Dealers who said they are investing more in video pre-roll with YouTube, I agree that it is an excellent value for your marketing dollars, especially when you compare the results to traditional television commercials. Dealers who use video chat, seem to be on the cutting edge of the technology forefront when it comes to video marketing in my opinion. Dealers who use video chat have recognized that face-to-face sales has not gone away and that it is now turning to online. Video chat seems expensive, but I feel that it is here to stay and will be the future of online marketing. Who wouldn’t want to have a live sales rep selling a vehicle to an online visitor and even easily sharing documents to close a deal online? Amazon.com introduced us to the technology recently with their “MayDay” button. The possibilities are endless as we adapt to new technology that improves our sales and support processes. If anyone has additional feedback or questions feel free to contact me anytime as I would enjoy speaking with you. mbadders@lotvantage.com

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