7 Things Your Dealership Needs for a Successful Craigslist Ad

Moe Bakhtiari

For some used car dealerships, Craigslist is their secret weapon—their ace in the hole. It allows them to move units, stay connected with buyers, and improve their bottom line. For other dealerships, however, Craigslist turns out to be little more than a waste of effort. So what’s the difference? How can you ensure that your dealership’s Craigslist ads fall into the former category and not the latter?


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John Colascione

Craigslist can be extremely effective if done right. Sure, you will get soe tire kickers and window shoppers, as well as some 'bottom feeders' but what I always say is that I would rather have 50 leads, and close 15, then get 10 leads and close 9. Even with my 90% closing ratio, I still sell more cars with the 30% leads. :)

Joe Perri

How about a better way to post other than the usual, all caps, extravagent and sometimes uninviting posts. Is there a more elegant way that maybe brings more class to the dealer? Something that could possibly change the way consumers usually click the "sale by owner" to maybe look for a dealer on craigslist.

John Colascione

Anything you can do to get their attention is a good practice on that site. Also, anything you can do to come up higher in the list of results is also a HUGE plus. I've seen some tricks with that.

Moe Bakhtiari


Thank you for taking the time to read the post - Indeed the bottom line is how many SALES happen at the end of month not the leads. This is an excellent point! 

Sales allow us to help people in the community not just generating leads!


Happy Selling

Moe Bakhtiari


Indeed ensuring that the post is informative and helpful is part of the art of craigslist!

If you know anyone looking for a more automated way that uses the science of posting check out The Craigslist Wizard: https://dealers.getmyauto.com/craigslist-posting-auto-dealers/



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