A Little Birdie Told Me...

Amanda Gordon

Our Cars.com rep recently told me they are merging somehow with Facebook. With this be more efficient or simply more money? Thoughts...

Amanda Gordon

Loving this thread...I have never used CDK but see their banners on EVERY auto site known to man.

Drew Bettiol

You're giving us solid content to talk about Amanda! CDK just doesn't do it for me like Dealer.com or DealerOn

Derrick Woolfson

@Drew, Elead is archaic. They do not even allow you to edit your own workflows! Their email platform - as far as marketing goes - is not *even* responsive! I had to create my own HTML responsive shell. I always had great support (because we had a great rep), but as for calling into to their customer service portal, it was often a joke. 

Drew Bettiol

@Derrick I can definitely relate to you there. The email platform is awful! When I do email blast I have to do the extra work just to cut up my flyer with windows snipping too so it can pass the "spam filter" It's extremely frustrating 

James  Klement

Hey guys, there are easier ways to market....are you just email blasting or are you using specific targeted data....are you then retargeting and using cookies to target again on social media, client specific of course!!! CTR goes through the roof when you are targeting customers with a self opted in intent to purchase your brand(s).

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