A Little Birdie Told Me...

Amanda Gordon

Our Cars.com rep recently told me they are merging somehow with Facebook. With this be more efficient or simply more money? Thoughts...

Drew Bettiol

James, For me I am just email blasting. I have not got into the more advanced stuff yet

Derrick Woolfson

@James, these are targeted email blasts. And yes, I use Adobe creating HTML emails, and - yes - I track the campaigns. As well as re-targeting. What I was saying was that Elead's email platform is not the greatest. @Drew, have you tried Adobe to create email templates? I will get that other email over to you. But if you use Elead I can send you over the responsive shell in HTML. 

James  Klement

@Derrick, great! We look real close at the open rate and ctr...do you retarget on social too? Do you have access to data which tells you intent to buy or is it data pulling straight out of your crm? Just curious.

Dane Saville

For quick and simple eBlasts that provide insights to help you understand the content that recipients engage with the most, MailChimp is a good option. You can create templates, develop unique lists,  et cetera. 

It has myriad integrations. 

I believe the monthly fee is based on how many contacts you put into your lists. Couple its capabilities with some light design work using Canva (also cost-efficient), you can get some really great looking emails out, which you can monitor open rate, CTR -- how many times they opened, which link or section they clicked on, and much more. 

Drew Bettiol

@Dane don't we have to pay for mail chimp though? I do not get any money for what I do besides my paycheck. So any extra costs like conferences and what have you is out of my pocket haha.

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