A Little Birdie Told Me...

Amanda Gordon

Our Cars.com rep recently told me they are merging somehow with Facebook. With this be more efficient or simply more money? Thoughts...

Devin Howell-Shiplack

Depending on the aesthetics, I can usually get something send ready in about 30-45 minutes (factoring everything like contacts, when you want to send, proofreading the content, etc)

Dane Saville


To save time, you could even come up with a few templates that you just make duplicates of and plug in the information. Let's say you do eblasts for end-of-month specials, new car specials, lease offers, service specials, and just a general eblast that includes several different pieces of information.

You could have a template for each. It's easy to add or remove segments of the eblast, and it will keep you from having to reinvent the wheel each time. Even if you use the same header image for most until you hit the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas -- even then, you could design it ahead and just make any necessary alterations.

With how easy MailChimp makes it to make small alterations, this may help you a lot. It's possible to get eblasts out in 5-10 minutes. I just don't know your dealership's process for creatives like banners, graphics, etc.

Drew Bettiol

@Devin Do you make it stand out like a email flyer would? Different designs and such?

Drew Bettiol

See that is what I have been doing on Canva. My boss is just getting tired of me recycling the same Template and just changing the wording so I am starting to run out of ideas that using free templates since I do not get anything paid for. Is there a way to import my CRM contacts into Mail Chimp @Dane

Dane Saville

Yes, there is! You can import them and segment them out by various attributes.

I don't mean use the same exact designs throughout the entire eblast, but even template out your structure.

Perhaps your new car specials has a four-block at the top of the four models you're trying to hammer home in sales.

Or your lease eblasts have four sections staggered.

Or you have two big images stacked of your most prominent sales with two thumbnails beneath with blogs about the benefits of those vehicles.

It's hard to give exact advice without knowing all of the circumstances.

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