A video message instead of endless calls & emails?

Neale Martin
What would you do if you opened up an email, and had saw this video waiting for you from a vendor sales rep? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTVuur0Pe44 Please note: The purpose of this video is to sound natural & personable, as opposed to sending off a generic video greeting.
Taylan Yu
I feel like it would be more of a hassle to watch the video... I think a great presentation either in powerpoint, prezi, or clearslides would be much more powerful. I can't speak for anyone else but normally after speaking to a vendor, I have to re-iterate the demo to our GSM, sales manager, or anyone else that will benefit from the new tool. By giving me resources to pass along to decision makers, you're giving your point of contact a chance to pass on valid and crucial information about your product.
Jerry Thibeau
At least the guy is trying. He could use some coaching, but I applaud him for doing something most won't do.
Lauren Moses
Neale, I have to say that it doesn't sound very natural. He also looked to the side, maybe to notes or script, a time or two which makes me think it is way too rehearsed. I like the idea of video messages like this because it puts a face to the voice or name that has been contacting you. But they need to sound natural and non pushy (which this one was). Like Taylan said, I often have to pass on vendor info to our GM or and owner and I am there "first line of defense" so to speak. So, sending links and basic info is always a huge help so I can remember what product the vendor has and what they can do for me.
Neale Martin
Just to clarify: I am the guy in the video, the content/pitch is something I put together in a minute, it's not meant to replace a demo/deck/presentation, it would always be shot for a specific dealer contact, and the point of this is just to test out the idea of integrating video messaging into my outbound strategy. Thanks for the replies so far!
Evan Brown
Neale, great job and good idea. Personally I'd love to see what the person I'm talking to looks like, and how they carry themselves. As long as the video was embedded nicely into an email I think this could work. It's just like our Youtube postal service for replying to leads - more personal, more thoughtful and probably converts at a much better rate than a regular email. Some pointers though would be: stand up, shoot with a brighter background, and maybe add a few simple graphics. For anyone that hasn't seen the youtube postal service by Robert Karbaum check it out here: http://robertkarbaum.com/youtube-postal-service/

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