Accessory sales

Cody Jerry
How do you currently try to sell them?
Christopher Brittain
I have made a list and I show pictures via iPad connected to a smart tv
Chad Sabatka
I developed a website in which the customer can "shop" for their accessories before getting to F&I. This site made it a lot easier on the customers, our accessory guy, our sales rep and F&I department. I'd have to relook at the accessory sales numbers from 2012 to 2013, but this site has increased our accessory sales dramatically - especially with our F-150 accessories.
Christopher Murray
Christopher, for what it is wort; I have Chevrolet CVO (Custom Vehicle Outfitters) as my "captive" accessory provider. We executed a plan about three years ago and we never looked back. We dominate our district and region in every single metric! My Sales Process calls for representative models to be displayed on the showroom floor. We have room for five vehicles so I have a Silverado, Impala, Equinox, Malibu and Cruze in the most popular colors with the most popular trim levels on display 27/7/365. Every one of these vehicles is accessorized and our CVO rep visits once every 60 days or so for a tune up on the sales pitches, prices, etc... We calculate the gross profit on accessory sales SEPERATELY from the vehicle gross and pay 25%. Most new vehicles have no commissionable gross even after you put accessories on them so salespeople have no interest in selling them. Virtually no vehicle leaves our store without accessories!

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