ADA Compliance for Emails

Chris K Leslie

There has been a lot of talk about ADA compliance on websites lately but I is anyone talking about Email? 

Do we know if any CRM's are looking at adding ADA accessibility.? 

I see some email platforms out there are starting to have these conversations.

Brittany Alva

The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that emails send in plain text versions as well. I'm not sure if all CRMs give you the ability to change this or what, but whenever I send an email I scan through that just to make sure there's no crazy link anywhere.


I'm not sure what exactly compliance with ADA looks like, but I think that's fairly normal for emails to do.

Chris K Leslie

I think you are right on Brittany. Plain text emails are always easily read by screen reader tech. Also having Img Alt Tags are a great thing to have for this exact reason. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, I am hoping that NADA has courses or more information next month on this issue - I was on the NADA webinar last week, and what is even more concerning is that there is not a clear or definitive answer on what is truly required by law for websites/email. As for emails, our CRM came out with a quick reference guide on tools they have to be compliant with ADA; however, I am still, honestly, incredibly confused with how much of that works. This is going to continue to be a highlighted conversation this year. 

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