Adding a BDC

Jared Hamilton
Jake - im too curious to hear what others have to say about this one. Its been some time for me, but I remember having this discussion years ago when we were adding our first BDC agent for the sales staff. We didnt change the sales consultants pay plans although you can make a good argument for doing so. It helps keep your commission % inline with appropriate benchmarks. If I were to do it again, I probably would change the sales consultants pay plans ever so slightly. The good news for a sales person, is working in tandem with the BDC agent could have a HUGE impact on the sales persons performance and thus be a giant net positive on them, even if they gave up say $20 bucks in commission to help pay the BDC agent. Then again, is it worth the possible moral drop over $20 bucks a deal? hmm Id love to hear other thoughts.
Jake McCracken
Jared - I appreciate your thoughts. I think it would help tremendously to have a BDC agent along side of the sales staff to help with those duties, and I believe that the sales staff would welcome that......until, of course, you get into their pocket! We have one person that helps with some of our lead follow-up, but the inbound calls and everything else is on the sales staff.
Craig Waikem
We have a BDC pack on new and used vehicles to help cover expenses.
Jake McCracken
Thanks for responding Craig! That's a good idea. Affects the salesperson, but kind of out of sight out of mind money. I appreciate your input.
Craig Waikem
Correct, affects the salesperson AND managers. It's an expense that the associates should understand. Our pack is pretty small. You can inbox me and I will share.
Jason Davenport
We also pack new and used cars to cover the expense of the BDC. When we first started the department, about 5 years ago, we did charge the salesperson for each deal that the BDC brought in resulting in a sale. It was a real moral buster, hence the pack. Like Jared said above, I think there is something to be said for the salesperson sharing in the expense of the BDC directly. It is hard to find the right mix.

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