Additional Website at a Chevy Store? Already have CDK

Steve Maybee
I'm at a Chevy Store with a mandatory CDK website. I'm being told that I need to add another one. Does this affect my presence on google? Will the sites be competing for the same space? Any help would be greatly appreciated..
Tammy Anthony Baker
Two questions - Who "told" you that you need to add another one? Is CDK providing other services like reputation management, social media management, SEM?
mark rask
We are in the same boat with our chevy and hyundai store. We have elected to stay with the cdk site. I feel that we have to put out a lot more effort to optimize two sites for each store.
Steve Maybee
@Tammy - We signed with a new Advertising agency. Their digital company is the one telling me. I do have reputation mgmt. with them. I do not use them for SEM or social.
Tammy Anthony Baker
First, I'm not a CDK fan. With that said, I'd have to step back from a digital company suggesting I abandon my active site especially if there's been substantive time dedicated to the development of same. I personally would not recommend that approach without intense research into the existing site's metrics, factoring site sophistication of local market competitors, total expected expense, and ROI. Site Development is important but unless you have a burning desire to change and lucrative budget, it's difficult to justify the switch. It's likely more success could be gained from SEM, BDC, and local lead gen campaigns. Question everything and if you're finding their recommendations are in the interest of their bottom line and not yours, show them the door.
R Lamb
I agree with Tammy. Does your advertising company realize you can't co op any advertising you direct to a non-CDK site? Meaning you're basically going to have to spend twice as much to get the same digital impact on a non CDK site as you would if you stayed with CDK. I have a CDK site and it performs better than any other store in my auto group made up of of 20+ websites. Trust me, changing to a new platform isn't the answer - putting more work into the platform you have is. The economics of having 2 sites doesn't make sense.If you want a contact with an Advertising Agency that can optimize a CDK site and do it VERY well and can help you get the most out of your ad spend, contact me.

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