Advertising Help - best practices that generate leads?

Renold Liu
Hey guys! long time lurker, first-time poster here. We've just been given the OK to increase or advertising spend and we're looking at doing some display and inventory advertisements. However, I don't really know much about that field. Any tips, best practices, things to avoid, things to do? Perhaps some agencies you've worked with that produced results? Any help is greatly appreciated
mark rask
depends on what your goals are.....are you wanting to primarily generate leads or going for brand awareness?
Renold Liu
I think the first thing is to generate leads. This way we can see results of the advertising spend. After which, we can do some branding and awareness. What have you guys done with advertising that works for lead gen?
Carl Maeda
Every area and every store is different so find someone who can help you put your best foot forward. Consumers have choices so its' essential that your advertising give these consumers a reason to choose you for their automotive needs. Specific examples could be integration of your weekly and OEM incentives into the advertising and making sure that these same promotions extend onto your website landing pages. Every vendor claims the lowest cost per lead so make sure you set yourself up to track the cost per lead and the cost per sale in your CRM.
Michael Roemer
Another thing to consider is looking at your online merchandising and trying to convert more of the visitors you're already getting to your VDPs.
Micah Lakics
Benson, just to suggest the obvious, but Facebook targeted ads are quite effective. They have a pretty strong rate of engagement for us, and you can tailor them to different types of campaigns: visit website, like social page, redeem coupon, get directions, get more info...etc. For our most recent ad, we set spending at $10/day for two weeks, and we're spending around $0.002 per ad viewed. Overall after 13.5k ads served, we've spent about $25. You can turn the ad off at any time, without penalty. You can define the daily spending limit, so you won't go over a certain amount, or you can set a campaign total. We find the Facebook mobile ads are the best bang for the buck, as we see about 65%+ of the ads are viewed on mobile devices. Let me know if you have any questions!

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