Adwords Competition In LA

Jamil The Carman
How can you decrease the cost per a click in a competitive market and still get a good share online?clicks can get up to $11 per a click in my area to be on the top page position !!crazy
Dan Ferguson
My 2 cents...Only $$$ will get you share of voice in your market. One could argue that you don't always want to be in the top position (assuming budget is a factor). Given a finite budget, I would focus on a cost per conversion which requires that you have all of your goals properly set up to "read" the traffic BY KEYWORD w/in Google Analytics. As an alternative you could always hire an SEM firm with a focus on cost per lead (or cost per conversion) and a reasonable (10%) management fee. That way you know your finite budget is being spent wisely.
Jamil The Carman
@Dan Thank you so much .I am hiring an in house SEO/SEM this week
Jamil The Carman
Thank you @chris makes sense
Gary May
@Jamil - Good question. There is lots of misinformation out there, many answers are available within Google AdWords resources. Here's a few things to think about. 1. Quality score 2. landing pages 3. website behavior. Lots of people will partially inform you with good intentions. Results from improved performance do have to do with lowered CPC, improved conversion rates and improved position. Your question, as it is nebulous, should be discussed in more detail. Wishing you success! Best regards, Gary May IM@CS
Carl Maeda
As others have mentioned, focus on cost per lead or cost per sale (if you can), not cost per click. Focus and maximize on keywords that have a low cost per lead. If you do this, the lower your budget, the lower your cost per lead and vice versa. Buy specific make/model level keywords, like Chris said. Those will convert better than more general searches like "used cars" Spend more on cars you have more of. Don't send all traffic to the homepage. Have highly tailored landing pages. Think about the keyword and the ad. If someone typed in that keyword and saw the ad then clicked on it, what would they EXPECT to see. That's the landing page you need to build. Make sure your ad and landing page contain similar language. Hope that helps. -Carl

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