Afraid of Digital Retaiing

Chris K Leslie

I've been wondering lately why more dealerships haven't "Bought In' to the idea of digital retailing and am curious if its because DP's are looking at companies who are good at DR like Carvana but aren't turning a profit and getting a little nervous about pivoting to something that doesn't have a positive track record yet. 

Morgan Hardy

I think that a lot of them are so set in their ways that it's difficult for them to see how digital retailing will evolve as time goes on. 

Tim Scoutelas

We recently surveyed 3000 customers and found that 85% of customers either want to contact someone at the dealership to see and test drive or check out the vehicle.  While DR sounds cool, I think you can get away with a good online process right now without the added expense of adding a DR tool to the expense sheet or tool box. 

Bart Wilson

I also think we need to rethink the definition of Digital Retailing. I feel that we're all defining it as an "end to end" solution. In my opinion, we need to be building our processes that allow customers to do what steps they want online or in person. The customer wants to control the process.

Chris K Leslie

Is it possible to have "No Process" Process? 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris- I think so. Each step of the "process" would have two-three options

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