Aleyda Solis: How To Successfully Implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Andrew James

Does your dealership take advantage of AMP? Google says Accelerated Mobile Pages create a faster and more engaging experience for people across different devices. In this video, SEO consultant and author Aleyda Solis shares with the audience at the search marketing event BrightonSEO some tips and tools to successfully implement AMP in common scenarios.


Mark Rask

This will be a great help in the future 

Chris K Leslie

I’ve looked at it but haven’t really figured out the benefit of it all. Seems like a lot of effort for not a whole lot of payoff yet. 

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

@Chris This has to be done at the vendor/website provider level, no dealership should even worry about AMP. It's like if your customers had to manage the air/fuel ratio in their engines.

AMP is a great change that comes with awesome features, improving the mobile site speeds drastically, but I'm convinced no dealership is equipped to manage that unless they have built/coded their own platform, which is a dangerous option but it's also another topic.

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