Am I the only one noticing that the leads from CarGurus is Down by 66% Since Feb ?

john fontanini

Here is a Screenshot of our counts, Is anyone else noticing a huge decline in leads from Gurus ? 

I am not a huge "writer" but a picture tells a thousand words. 

For us, We would have to lose money on each vehicle to be in their "good deal" range, Are they that far off our market ? 

We used to pay close attention to them, but now, it doesn't make "cents" to adhere to their pricing. 

Is anyone seeing better results from any of the other 3rd parties out there ? 

Well, I guess no screen shot can be uploaded :( 

Here are my lead counts : 

January 2019     387 Leads 

February 2019   410 Leads  (very strong) 

March 2019       363 Leads   

April    2019       232 Leads  (oops - what happened ?) 

May 2019          217 Leads   ( the new norm ? ) 

June 2019        172 Leads  ( now it is getting serious) 

July 2019         138 Leads ( Through July 30th  WTH ! ) 


I am curious if this is just us, or if this is the trend from Gurus 

Thanks ! 


Mark Rask

You are correct.....wonder why? 

john fontanini

I heard they got popped by google for back linking in Asia , so they busted them down 

Chris K Leslie

Interesting. I was just looking at this yesterday too and have seen a huge decrease m.o.m

Joe Tareen

There is word on the street that Carvana's paid VDP ads were being placed ahead of dealer inventory by Carguru and this caused a bunch of irrelevant listings to be shown to customers. Customer are leaving in droves. 

Suzanne  Laine

Their new model of putting (far away) cars with "available shipping" above local listings may be causing frustration with consumers.  It's one of the reasons we dropped them. I don't understand how they are still in business, in between that and the (sometimes nonsensical) "deal ratings".  I don't believe their model is useful or helpful for buyers or sellers.

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