Amazon vehicles - what do you think their long term plan is?

Jared Hamilton

Yesterday amazon announced Amazon Vehicles.  Its a research site for consumers to find information about vehicles they are looking to purhcase or own, and to find information on parts.  You cannot currently buy cars through the site, so what do you think amazons big plans are?

Do you think they will let dealers run amazon stores like other merchants and try to get online transactions going? Will they have problems with financing and trade ins?

Will they turn it into an advertising or lead model similar to an Autotrader,  Do you think they will run a referral service like truecar?

Do you think they will learn from it but eventually fold it like so many Google Car experiments?

Or do you think this is all about them expanding their Ddrone plans so they have a reason to develope self flying drones big enough to deilver cars as cargo disrupting automotive shipping services?  (joking!)

What do you predict will happen with amazon vehicles?

Mark Rask

Seems to me like its a play by them to get in the car business(retail).....Seems like the oems would push this type of service at a national level with the dealers

Bob Parrish

I'm less concerned about Amazon trying out the car business and more concerned about how the advent of self driving cars will impact our sales to the first time buyers.

When I was growing up life was about riding around in a car that I owned and listening to music that I also owned.  The average 20 something doesn't own music and in fact, they will ask you "why?"  Why go to the trouble of owning it when I can stream whatever I like, whenever I want?  Why subscribe to cable TV when I can stream the shows I want off the internet?  Or maybe, for those few shows I just have to watch, get Hulu or something.

Self driving cars will let them enjoy the convienence of a car without taking ownership.  And given the choice, a lot of those 20 or 30 somethings would choose not owning a car.  

My immediate response to Amazon and cars is a lot like I feel about Costco and cars; it's good for business.



Mark Rask

Bob has a good point.......this will change the landscape completely

Anthony Merza

Amazon partnered with Hyundai to deliver cars to Amazon Prime members in the LA Area for a two week campaign. I wonder if they will start looking at a larger scale going forward. I'm interested to see how that test went and what might be coming down the road.

Chuck Parker

Initially, the question might be -Is the Amazon Auto business model just like the established "Car Buying Sites" like  AutoTrader,, Edmunds, TrueCar,, CarsDirect, and dozens of smaller buy and sell entities with micro portions of a vehicle acquisition business model that is in a state of "disruption and transition"? 

The editorial and publishing team at Automotive Informaton Network and Automotive Digest is asking and probing the PR team at Amazon Auto. IIf we "get" any kind of response, will share with all. 

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