Analytics and Transparency

Matthew Pavy
How many of you receive a detailed report of where and how your digital ad budget is spent?Most of the dealers i work with have no clue what their CTR are for any of their campaigns.The usual answer i get is that the marketing company handles that. As long as dealers rely upon the marketers to provide feedback on these metrics they will continue throwing good money after bad. When is the last time these digital marketers have suggested any new strategies as far as mobile channels?
Robert Karbaum
I can understand why they don't look; they spent decades not looking at the results of traditional advertising. Why change now :P
Matthew Pavy
I agree Robert the "That's just the way it's always been done" mentality is mind blowing to me. To watch dealers try to shave expenses on some other things and avoid the potential waste in digital spend is counter intuitive. What changes do dealers invest money in personnel with expertise in mobile/digital channels?
Robert Karbaum
It's not entirely their fault. Most haven't the slightest clue on how to analyse digital analytics. It's not easy to learn either, especially if you are not a "computer gir;/guy". I understand how crucial it is, believe me. However, you have to be empathetic. Imagine someone asked you to look at Soil Sampling analytics. Here is an example chart: And here is the full document: Understand, for many in the automotive industry something as fundamental as Google Analytics can be just as complicated as that.
Matthew Pavy
You are very correct thank you for helping me see that side of it. Heck I don't have a detailed understanding of google analytics but I surround myself with people who understand it thoroughly. I guess if you pay $2000 for 100 leads and close 5% with min $2000/copy nobody complains about that ROI.
Robert Karbaum
It's an odd world right now in Automotive. Think Cowboys & Aliens :P

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