Angies List is a long list...and should we be on it?

Jennifer Bourgeois
Do car buyers actually use this site in there car buying or service research? I have been contacted a few times over the years by Angies List regarding their services. I appreciate the site and it's no frills approach to customer reviews for local business. However, with the cost of membership starting at $39.99 that would be required in order to be advantageous to us and our customers, I just don't see it being a stop on an automotive customers' journey for a new or used vehicle. As far as the service department goes, again I feel like this site just wouldn't be where a customer would go for reviews on a dealership. The proposal sent to me had data showing 25,000 searches a month in the "Auto" category. The "Auto" category contains over 20 automotive options such as Auto Insurance, Windshield replacement, Towing, Alarms...etc. That number is minuscule for my market in my opinion and the number of those searches for actual car buyers I fear is next to nothing. I am looking for any feedback from a dealer currently using Angies List or anyone who has in the past.
Tony Wood
While I have never used Angie's List, I have done research on it. It would be a complete waste of your budget. I don't have specifics on hand, but the margin of customers searching for reviews for actual automobile purchases is virtually non-existent. There are numerous searches involving body shop related issues and a variety of things that could potentially be associated with service KPIs, but even then it's a very small percentage. It isn't worth your budget and it wasn't worth my time to research.
mark rask
I totally agree with Tony
Jennifer Bourgeois
Looks like we are all in agreement then...

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