Any Experience with PCG?

Per the title anyone have any experience with PCG/Pasch brothers?

Thanks in advance


I following Brian on social, listen to his pod, and read his books... Have always considered reaching out to PCG for their services - especially VistaDash... Following.

Ben Rockwell

Enjoy! Just read this and then google for more. Some unsavory stuff.


Hey Ben, that article doesn't mention the Pasch brothers involved with PCG... I have no idea who Scott Pasch is, but Brian and Glenn Pasch are with PCG.

Ben Rockwell

Scott is the other brother of Brian. In short Brian Pasch made his money on the back of a charity telemarketing scam he was part of for 10+ years.

Go to Brian's linkedin and establish his role at Civic Development Group which he lists himself as a minority partner along with his brother and another guy.

He is also mentioned as an executive in this article here, this one is interesting:

Next just google about Civic Development Group, you'll find more articles like this:

You'll find this interesting one from behind the scenes:

You'll also find this makeshift blog from someone who has an axe to grind:

Just keep googling... make your own conclusions. I think Brian Pasch even mentions having to start over on his own personal blog and turning to God, etc. 




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