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Steve Simon
I'm trying to put together a promotion to drive more new car traffic to my showroom. Does anyone have any unique ideas that they have tried that have resulted in some positive traffic
Lauren Moses
Steve, Are you just wanting to move metal, gain more trades, bring in new customers,etc.? And how long are y'all wanting to run something for? I always like to try and hit our previous customers that have vehicles that we might need for our used lot. Do an offer for $X extra on trade. Send them a nice Thank You card for being such loyal customers and put the offer in there. If you want something that is just going to drive alot of traffic do an "End of Summer Scavenger Hunt". Pick out things from a free car wash to 1/2 price and free oil changes, extra money on trade, so much off a vehicle, gift cards, etc. that you know the dealership can handle and put them all in envelopes and number them. Then stick corresponding pieces of paper, key rings, anything that is small and kind hide easily, and put them in the vehicles on the lot, the showroom, and maybe even in service or waiting area where customers can find them. Whatever number they find give them the envelope to see what they receive. Prizes, of course, have expiration, can not be redeemed for cash, and are non transferable. Do a "Customer Appreciation Sale" and choose one day to do a cook out and give away door prizes throughout the day. If there are any local business that want to contribute door prizes even better.
jake klein
Black book does a deal with dealerships to do a 1 day sale. They offer a door prize and confirm for you how many people you will have. Now with these you will have some people just here for the prize but they offer a assistant to screen for this. They will also do a customer interview so you know who is there for a car and who is just looking. Its a little pricey but it has a good return and also if done right can sell 25 + cars in one day. I recommend a Friday / Saturday.
Tyson Madliger
Hi Tom. I did a check through DLX using Polk data for in-market new Honda shoppers within 10 miles of Toms River. There are 20,000 people you can target through Facebook dark posts that you can drive to inventory or a landing page on your website. From there, a custom value proposition about your dealership and why new Honda shoppers should buy from you would do the trick. Inexpensive and effective - just requires a little creativity and some proper ad management and you'll see the increase you want.
mark rask
We have had great success with data mining
Casey Baker
Hello, Steve! I agree with everyone that Data/Equity mining, sharing discounts or $ off service work are all good ideas, but trying to drive traffic to your lot using archaic strategies (mailers, "so-much-$-off" promotions through tv or radio, etc.) might cost you more than you could ever make. Even if traffic picks up it's far from quality and your time is more wasted than the gross you make. When it comes to NEW vehicles, I'm a firm believer that people are attracted to brand (Chevy buyers typically buy Chevy's and so on). I feel that's why conquesting is a popular strategy, but that's another post. That being said, why not work WITH your manufacturer rather than work against them? For example, our group is in the process of testing leveraging OEM promotions, and letting the national ad push those models for us and we are really promoting other models. Now this is all digital, but for example, Chevy is really pushing Silverados and Camaros. We are advertising Malibu's and Equinox's (along with Chevy's promotional sales event). Just an outside-of-the-box idea that couldn't hurt. Feel free to message me if you want to discuss other ideas!

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