Anybody else notice Google's brand new Mobile Automotive Ads??

Marissa Marazzi

Recently searching on my phone I came across Google's latest release to the automotive industry, mobile automotive ads.

After much research, trial and error - I wrote an article on exactly what "Dealer Automotive Ads" and "Model Automotive Ads" are here and how our company adapted and adjusted. 

This change I think it's super important everyone is aware of what exactly is going on and how it could be impacting your digital strategy. Google has been doing a lot of fine tuning to their SERP (search enginge results page) and it's very refreshing to see something specifically aimed to the automotive industry and mobile- considering they are the biggest digital marketing medium for the automotive industry.

I absolutley love how the Model Automotive Ads look and how entertaining it is to scroll through. It reminds me a lot of a Facebook ad though, don't you think?!

What has your team done to adapt and adjust to this change? 

Has this change been negatively or positively impacting your strategy?

Kelvin Johnson

ooh, I haven't noticed that...Going to check this out. This is going to be a big impact for sure. Thanks for sharing the news.

Chris K Leslie

I don't really see them releasing this on a dealershp level. I don't think local or regional budgets could even compete with the OEM bids. Plus I can't imagine google giving dealerships full creative control over such a huge placement. I dont know I could be wrong though. 

Carl Maeda

The Dealer Listing Ads or Dealer Automotive Ad is available to dealerships and Dealers can compete with Tier I and Tier II bids.  The key here is Quality Score.  Have a compelling or creative ad and the OEM has to bid significantly higher to rank higher than you.

As a vendor, the hardest part about this is getting access to the dealership's Google+ page.  Your paid search vendor does need this access to take advantage of this feature. 

Jeremy DeLorm

I think Google might release a shopping functionality for Dealerships in the future, but only if the business model is right for them. I see it as a form of a PLA or an ad extenstion.

Ryan Bedolla

I am surprised google has not dipped into the automotive marketing side a little bit more.  Automotive marketing ad spend is the scond highest overall and they have barely scratched the surface.

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