Anybody still use targeted, paid Facebook advertising?

John  Swanson

We used to use this heavily, however Facebook has removed quite a few of the targeting criteria available to businesses after recent privacy issues. Just wanted to know how many dealers used the business back end of Facebook to generate targeted advertisements, and what criteria you are targeting for (aside from a location radius) that you have found beneficial/non-beneficial?

Mark Rask

It works well for us 

Devin Howell-Shiplack

I would say FB advertising/re-targetting is the most cost effective way of marketing your inventory. I would suggest segmenting the type of how your visitors engage with your content. If an Engaged User interacts with specific VDP's (views several photos, spends x amount of time on page, etc.) you're bound to drive higher quality traffic back to your VDP's to get them further down the sales funnel. On average, a person will revisit a VDP 7 times before showing any further purchase intent. Just my .02 cents 

Mark Rask

We spend about 1k a month on it 

Drew Bettiol

Yes we do, It is giving us some nice exposure

Timothy Martell

broad targeting for lead gen with text response and inventory retargeting are very effective 


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