Anyone Connect Email Software To DealerCarSearch CMS?

John Francis

I'm helping a local car dealer setup an email marketing automation program that instantly starts the follow-up process as soon as somone submits a request through the their website. They used dealercarsearch to build their site. I'm having a terrible time with the provider, in terms of trying to pass the lead from their existing form into a software like Mailchimp, ActiveCampain, or GetResponse.

The developers at Dealercarsearch are telling me that 1) They can't add custom forms and 2) the site is built in C#, therefore nothing will work unless they build a custom solution for $100/hour. 

It seems like a lot of people out there are using Dealercarsearch for their website. Has anyone managed to connect an email program to a Dealercarsearch form?

Mitch Gallant

They would use the industry norm ADF/XML to pass lead data to a CRM. You could bring that XML into a site then send out to mail chimp. 

We built a lead handling website, for tracking metrics diffrently/better than our CRM and bring leads in that way and send them out to our texting platform and constant contact this way. 

I know its an unecessary step but at least you can get it going.

Quickbooks fixes

Mailchimp and sendblaster is best for email marketing.

Chris K Leslie

This is a round about way to do it but... 

You could use wordpress, intall gravity forms, set up adf notifitcations and iframe it on to your other site. 

It would work, but it aint pretty. =) 

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