anyone know good strategys to market on a budget

rick ortin

I have lot of 15-20 vehicles ranging $2-$10k. I advertise usually through craigslist, cargurus, and facebook. Not getting good results right now. My prices are very good and i do finance as well. Anyone suggest a good strategy for marketing my car lot? 

David Zotti

For those type of cars, assuming they're desirable cars, Craigslist is your best bet. I would throughly investigate your strategy for that. How are you marketing on Craigslist? First of all be sure to be posting as a dealer, not a private seller. I highly suggest using a program called Hammer to post CL ads. It has been an invaluable asset to marketing our cheap cars. Because you can structure the ads to highlight your selling points for both the car and your dealership. Since they're directly partnered with CL, your ads won't get taken down and you can post to as many locations as you want which I highly recommend as well. Best to post in the afternoon by the way. 

Careful with CarGuru's, many dealers have found them sending fake leads and throttling the leads so they can get more money from you.

Since you finance, I would highlight more of your finance benefits. Down Payment and you can own for X amount per month. 

Kristen Tepper

I'd also suggest an email directly to your customers, letting them know the stock that is available and if they know anyone in the market, refer them over and maybe offer an incentive to motivate them even more! (also make sure there's a place for them to submit their referrals or an easy email to send their referral info to for tracking purposes!)

Chris K Leslie

Have you thought about taking your ad budget and increasing your referral amount? Put your happy customers to work for you 

rick ortin

wow $350 ! thats like half my profit man lol. Good idea but with that amount id have to tell the referrer that it would have to sell at full price in order to get that 350. In regards to facebook video, i hardly see if any dealers post videos instead of pics. May be a good idea but dont notice people using that strategy(yet).

Mark Rask

The referal aspect is a great idea

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