Anyone putting video on Cobalt's vehicle detail page

Russ Chandler
I embedded video's using the YouTube share html and dropping it in the vehicles descriptions HTML. This was on an Ecarlist site but it worked great and was able to place video's in other online area's I sent our vehicles as well. Now only if AT and would read HTML in their sellers notes.
Chris K Leslie
Tom, There is a way to embed Youtube videos in the cobalt site. Since their HTML markup widget doesn't work that well I have found that by using the RICH TEXT widget I can move over the HTML tab and from there I can embed the shared code from youtube. I made you a little screencast to show what I mean.
Big Tom LaPointe
Chris - thanks. Are you going in through the cobalt dashboard?
Big Tom LaPointe
Do you guys think I can paste directly into the VDPs for each vehicle comments?
Chris K Leslie
Tom, yes I was using the cobalt dashboard there. I believe you can update a portion of the vdp page but it is probably going to either be above or below where you'd want to place the video. That page is pretty locked down on the back end.
Big Tom LaPointe
hmmm. thanks. will update here what the cobalt rep comes back with. seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes the wheels of progress move slowly in the car biz. cheers!

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