Anyone use Dealer's United email conquest?

Chad Sabatka
Has anyone recently run a Dealer's United conquest email campaign? If so, PLEASE respond or email me at One of my stores choose to run their conquest campaigns and from the analytics, IP access logs, and other information I've seen so far I'm concluding that the traffic is close to 100% bot or spam traffic. I would like more information to prove this.
Jason Stum
While I haven't used DU @Chad, I will say I think there are better ways to spend our money than with these conquest email campaigns. Sorry to hear that you may have paid for a bogus campaign. Hopefully someone else will pop in here and shed some more insight.
Chad Sabatka
Jason, I received a personal email from someone who knows a lot who DealersUnited partners with for conquest campaigns. From the start I was highly suspicious but I'm no longer in position to pull the trigger. In short it's one big scam. I'll expose DealersUnited for what they are.
Jason Stum
Be sure to keep the DS community updated with what you find Chad. Good luck!
mark rask
chad , Thanks for the heads up! There are way to many scams out there
Chad Sabatka
I feel a little obligated to follow up with the Driving Sales community on what I saw from the DealersUnited Email conquest campaign. It was without a doubt, 100% scam. We ended up receiving a full refund after explaining our position with the CEO. First, thanks to the emailers who reached out and provided me with information regarding DU. Their email conquest are outsourced to a 3rd party company called Take 5 Solutions and design work was outsourced to Omni Advertising, so DU doesn't actually do any work. From the DealersUnited Email Conquest. 100k emails sent. This alone I raised question right away. 1,446 sessions with 97.51% new sessions. Of those session 75% came from a single IP range ( to It turned up to be a proxy server located in our city. 1. 100% of the visitors don't have cookies enabled. 2. 98% of the traffic is coming from a desktop with mobile getting 1% and tablet 1%. 3. I have hidden links within the site that only are visited by bots in which I use to collect bot IP addresses. I'm seeing these "visitors" land on this bot catch page ( 4. All visitors follow the same behavior. Land on a page, stay there for 1 min to 1 1/2 min. Visit another page (often obscure unrelated pages) stay for 1 min to 1 1/2 min then exit or another page for 1 min to 1 1/2 min. 5. All traffic stay 2-3 minutes and visits 2-3 pages. My traffic matches within .2 seconds and .1 pages/visit of another Google Analytic screenshot I've received. 6. As I watch in real-time, the IP access logs and Google Analytics the traffic comes in waves. It'll be dead, then all of a sudden 20-30 and upwards of 100 visitors from the email campaign. After a few minutes, quiet. 7. Not a single inventory search/filter has been completed. I have php/javascript/ajax system which hasn't been touched by a single visitor. All pageviews are from hard links within a page. A few ideas generated. Take 5 Solutions uses a system tied to a rewards program (fill out survey, click a few links, stay within parameters, get paid --- and/or a bot program that generates enough humanlike traffic that passes by most analytics viewers.

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