Anyone using ADP/CDK for a CRM?

Jeff White
If there is anyone out there using ADP as their CRM I have a couple question. 1 What are you using to communicate with your leads/customers for texting? 2 How are you tracking the success of your email templates? I was told by support that CRM does not have the capability to track templates at ALL. That is a problem for me. Thanks
Shawn Ryder
I am interested to hear feedback as well - when using a CRM what are the key features that are most important for users?
Randi DeSantis
We used ADP/CDKs CRM for almost 10 years (staggering right, I mean, I am so much younger than this number would imply ;) ) Their lack of email funtionality and their ilead component were HUGE reasons for us leaving. We did look at CDKs phones system at NADA- and they were showing off their new texting program. Super nifty little website... I was impressed. I would check with your rep.
Jeff White
I have been talking to our rep, but he informed me that the texting feature was not going to be available to the CRM for maybe another year. I need to find something to bridge the gap for now.
Shawn Ryder
Jeff - when it comes to texting what are you looking to accomplish? Our platform can texting based on data available - can you share what you'd like it to do?
Randi DeSantis
This isnt a component of CRM- its a separate program... They were showing how it worked with Drive- and said it worked with the CRM... but wasnt part of CRM. But, maybe they were showing off a product that isnt readily available yet... that happens a lot too.

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