Anyone using Autobytle ?What do you think?

Jamil The Carman
Just wondering how good is this lead source ?
James Witson
We get their used/new car leads. We don't achieve the same close rates on Autobytel leads as other third party providers, but you definitely get the volume. They also have tools to really narrow down where you leads come which you can also further filter by model. I would suggest them if you are already invested in your more reputable lead sources (Cars/AutoTrader/CarGurus).
Jamil The Carman
@james Thank you .Yes I am on all three already but wanted to get some guaranteed traffic to get the ball rolling since we just opened 2 months ago..
Clint Jones
Jamil I enrolled with Autobytel about 6 months ago. I am an Independent so of course I do not receive New leads. We have the demographics very restricted so that the leads we get are very close to us. We do not get a whole lot of leads, but the leads we do receive are pretty good in terms of responding to us when we follow up with them etc.. The thing that I like about Autobytel is the fact that we pay by the lead, not a monthly subscription, and we set our own monthly budget. So far, we have not hit our budget number, which to me means that they are being straight up with us on the leads we get. If we get a lead that is outside of our trade area, we are not charged for them. Most of the time Autobytel has already deleted these leads from our dashboard before we ever ask for them to be removed. We don't sell a lot of vehicles because of Autobytel, but their service is absolutely worth the money. I would recommend them.
Jamil The Carman
@Clint Thank you can you tell me what's your closing rate on their leads ?
Clint Jones
About 5% over the long haul. It takes about 20 of them to get a sale. However, we try to keep in touch with the leads that we do not sell so there may be some residual down the road that may not get sourced to Autobytel by the time they actually purchase. Again, not a whole lot of sales because of them but they are worth the money.

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