Approaching GM's and Owners with New Ideas?

Drew Bettiol

Howdy All!

When it comes to bringing forward a new idea to help improve the dealership, How are you approaching it? What kind of objection questions do you prepare for? I have a few key changes I would like to implement to my stores and want to figure out the best way to come at them guns loaded to see if they will be on board with them. 

Brian Hudson

Bounce your ideas off of your good Vendor Reps.

We travel from store to store and pick up all kinds of ways to get "Buy-In" from Managers.

Your Reps should give you some great ideas.  For example, say you want the Sales Guides to use the VDP's from your website to justify the value of your cars better.  "Can you see how showing the Retail Customer that this car is a One Owner, Low Mile, Priced Below KBB Retail is a good deal at $XXXXX?"  "Can you see how we can reduce negotiation and increase our FEG?"

Use Trial Close questions with your Managers, but back it up with real examples on how it will positively affect their pay.

Bart Wilson

Your vendor (and even OEM) reps can be good sources.  I would think that anything that you can show stats for is also helpful.  This is a good place where reps that are in multiple stores monthly can help.  

Also, I know you said your OEM rep has been helpful in the past.  Might be something to run by him.

Derrick Woolfson

@Drew, I second what Bart says - I have also found that if I can bring hard data to the table, it has worked to my favor. The other thing to consider, of course, is to catch them at the right time. More often than not,  they get interrupted to many times when trying to meet. So I have found that asking for a lunch/dinner meeting offered a more effective time/space to discuss new ideas. 

Derrick Woolfson

As for the objections: that costs too much money - or, the (vendor) already does that - to which I prepare 3-6 months worth of data: cost per lead, sold units, etc. If it is for a new tool, I prepare to offer that by having a "vendor" do "x" project it saves "x" amount of hours in which you can spend that time on more prevalent projects. But at the end of the day, regardless of their perspective or objections - they have to be open to new ideas. 

Martins Ville

When you work for a family run dealership, you face the dreaded facts, they think they know it all. My dealership is deaf, sadly.

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